Pet Dermatology

We’re here to treat your four-legged friend for any itching or discomfort.


Pet Dermatology

It’s common to hear people say, “It’s just allergies,” but if you don’t diagnose and treat your pet’s allergies, it could lead to other health problems.

Pollen, mildew, flea or other insect bites, home dust mites, and other allergens can cause mild allergy reactions that might get worse with repeated exposure. If these allergies are not properly handled, whether or not they are recognised, ongoing contact or allergy attacks (regular bursts of acute exposure) can result in worsening symptoms over time. In addition, persistent allergies can result in other issues such as upper respiratory discomfort, ear issues, skin bacterial infections, skin yeast infections, and eye issues. Even after the allergic reaction has subsided or been under control, these secondary problems could still exist. Skin, ear, and nasal inflammation are common side effects of allergies, and they can linger even after symptoms seem to have subsided.

Veterinary Services

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